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Care for details

We design our tours in every single detail taking care to always offer the best routes, quality accommodations, technical support, safety and fun. We are a professional company but first of all we are bikers and we have kept our passion for meeting new people from around the world, making great friends and riding on the road togheter. 

Safety & Relax

Our Guides are experienced safe riding experts who know perfectly the routes and how to handle a tour. 

They will guide you on twisty and windy motorcycle roads to beautiful places and hidden gems to make you live a journey that you will certainly never forget.

Tour Categories
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The routes are designed for maximum comfort and there are several stops for pictures and coffe breaks. Roads can be twisty but in general easy to handle. The Classic tour is for all levels of driving skills, from the beginner who will feel comfortable on pleasant routes to the intermediate and the expert who will enjoy driving on some of the best roads in Italy.
Daily Riding Time is about
4-6 hours
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The Adventure tour is for Bikers who want to enjoy the pleasure of driving on any kind of roads, from the winding roads of the Mediterranean coast to the mountain roads of the Apennines. There might be sections of twisty roads, sometimes even with  switchbacks, and traffic could be intense. In some daily stages the driving days could be quite long but always comfortable and pleasant.  
Daily Riding Time is about
5-6 hours
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 If you like driving all day on routes with hundreds of curves on the highest pass of Europe then this is your tour. Take a breath and think about it, this is the tour for those who want to climb hairpins as tight as twisted nails and conquer the highest peaks day after day without stopping.The routes are designed for intermediate and expert Bikers who want to spend long and exciting driving days on the best roads of Italy and Europe.
Daily riding Time is about
6-7 hours.
How to Choose the Tour Category
The right route is a fundamental feature in a motorcycle trip. Experienced motorcyclists love mountain roads with less traffic and lots of turns, but this kind of roads can be too demanding for beginners or intermediates. Riding conditions, local driving habits, traffic and road pavement quality might differ considerably from region to region. All of these factors are considered in our route grading determination. If you have little or no experience riding along extremely twisty mountain roads, we recommend you to choose Classic or Adventure route tours. 

While we do attract some novice motorcycle riders also, it is amazing how many highly experienced seasoned world riders we attract with our Guided Tours. They have planned their own motorcycle vacation before, and know the value of not having to worry about a thing before the tour, or while on it and the value of having an expert Tour Guide that knows the route and  the local habits.

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