Terms and conditions


By signing the booking form, you accept the following terms and conditions between Jupiter and yourself (“participant” for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions).

1. Provider
  1. Our tours are created and operated by the association Jupiter Motorcycle Travel A.S.D., Via Nizza 11, 00198 Roma Italia (“Jupiter” for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions) and are only available to its members.

2. Membership
  1. The membership fee is € 50,00; if a tour is booked, it is included in the tour price.

  2. A participant becomes a member of Jupiter after having paid the fee or when the booked tour is confirmed as specified in Article 4.

  3. Membership lasts all the year in which the fee is paid or the booked tour takes place.

3. Object of the contract
  1. Object of the contract is the “guided tour” as defined in the specific page of our website http://jupitermotorcycletravel.com or the “self-guided tour” as detailed in our offer sent by email, with the price and all the inclusions and exclusions specified therein.

  2. Any extra service or special price offered must be proved in writing.

4. Booking, confirmation and payments
  1. A reservation is complete when the participant submits a booking form and the required down payment.

  2. The tour is designed on a minimum number of participants, therefore is to be confirmed by Jupiter; if the minimum number of participants isn’t reached, Jupiter reserves the right to cancel the tour or run it with a different format, and in case of cancellation or of customer’s refusal to participate in the different format tour, refunds the total amount of any down payment.

  3. When the tour is confirmed by Jupiter, the balance is due at least 60 days before the tour start. If the balance due is not received by that time, Jupiter reserves the right to consider the missing payment as a cancellation,  with the effects set out in Article 5.

  4. Single travellers must agree to pay a single-occupancy supplement for lodging in case shared accommodation is not available.

5. Cancellation policy
  1. In any case of booking cancellation, Jupiter reserves the right to withhold the down payment/tour charge in part for costs incurred and loss of income. Cancellation fees are as follows.

    • Up to 60 days prior to the tour starting date Jupiter holds the down payment, that the participant can use for another tour in the same or in the following year;

    • Between 59 and 20 days prior to the starting date the participant loses the down payment. Jupiter holds the balance, that the participant can use for another tour in the same or in the following year.

    • From 19 days prior to the starting date the participant loses 80% of the total price. Jupiter holds the remaining 20% that the participant can use for another tour in the same or in the following year.

  2. No exception to this policy can be made for any reason.

6. Transfer of contract
  1. In case participant is unable to avail himself of the purchased travel package, the contract can be transferred to a third person, provided that this party meets all other necessary conditions and requirements for the fruition of the services included in the package. In case of contract transfer, Jupiter must be notified of the transfer within 7 days before the tour start date, specifying personal details of the transferee.

7. Participant duties
  1. Participant should be in perfect health and is obliged to advise in advance about any health or medical problem he/she may suffer from.

  2. Participant is fully aware of the risks and dangers involved in motorcycle riding and in the eventual track and off-road activities suggested as a supplemental activity to the tour and accepts full liability.

  3. During the tour, participant is obliged:

    • To comply with indications supplied by the tour leader;

    • To comply with passport and visa regulations;

    • To comply with driving license requirements and traffic rules;

    • To wear appropriate safety and protective gear at all times while operating a motorcycle;

    • To obey all local ordinances, rules, regulations and laws;

    • Not to consume alcoholic beverages or any illegal substances prior to or during the motorcycle driving;

    • To get along with other participants.

  4. Participant specifically agrees not to engage in off-road traveling, unless accompanied by and directed by a tour leader.

  5. In case a participant leaves the group during the tour trip for any reason, he will act at his own risk and will not be entitled to make any claim against Jupiter.

  6. During the tour, participant is liable for:

    • Any consequence resulting from non-compliance with the obligations above;

    • Any traffic tickets received during the tour.

  7. In any case of non-compliance, Jupiter reserves the right to rescind the contract and remove the participant.

8. Motorcycle rental
  1. Motorcycle, when is part of the tour package, is directly provided by third-party rental companies carefully chosen by Jupiter and is insured with a third party liability insurance and a vehicle fire and theft insurance.

  2. Before collecting the motorcycle, participant driver will be required to subscribe a rental contract with the rental company and leave a security deposit of amount depending on the class of motorcycle by preauthorization on a credit card (Visa and Mastercard preferred, not every rental company accepts Amex and Diners).

  3. By signing the rental contract above, participant agrees to use due diligence when operating the motorcycle and not to intentionally, recklessly, negligently, nor in any other manner cause damage, destruction, or loss of the motorcycle. Participants shall bear the costs of all damage, destruction, or loss caused to the motorcycle, in accordance with the contract signed with the rental company.

  4. The inability of the participant to ride a motorcycle does not entitle the participant to any reimbursement.

  5. Due to force majeure before the tour start (such as missing delayed delivery by the manufacturer, unavailability, mechanical problems, damage, theft etc.), Jupiter and the motorcycle rental company reserve the right to substitute a chosen motorcycle with a motorcycle of the same or better class and this fact does not entitle the participant to any reimbursement.

  6. In case of failure or theft of the rented motorcycle during the tour, Jupiter will do its best to assist the participant, which is not entitled under any circumstance to any replacement nor reimbursement.

9. Accommodation services
  1. Jupiter does not own, operate, act as agent for, nor have any agreement with any provider of amenities or accommodations and acts merely as a liaison between participants and these providers. Participants agree that Jupiter shall not be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage caused by any provider of amenities or accommodations, including but not limited to, overbooking, downgrading, lost reservations, inadequate facilities, and other injury caused by said providers whether direct or indirect.

10. Incomplete fulfilment
  1. In circumstances of force majeure as strikes, natural disasters, unfavourable weather conditions, delays in air or sea or ground transportation, accidents, mechanical breakdowns, and other unforeseeable problems, itinerary may be subject to amendments as determined by travel staff, and this may prevent participants from availing themselves of some services; therefore contingent extra expenses and/or services not available or not recoverable under such circumstances will not be reimbursable.

  2. Participant agrees to accept such program changes or amendments, renouncing any claim for reimbursement or indemnity.

11. Jupiter liability
  1. Beyond the cases of incomplete fulfillment mentioned above, Jupiter is held to refund the cost of the part of the tour not provided.

  2. Participant expressly acknowledges and agrees that operating a motorcycle is dangerous and involves risk of serious bodily injury or death and property damages, and rents the motorcycle only on his/her own assessment of his/her own abilities. In consideration of being permitted to operate and ride said motorcycle and other valuable consideration, participant does for himself/herself, his/her heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, hereby releases and forever discharges Jupiter and Jupiter’s agents, employees, members, owners, and assigns of and from any and every claim, demand, action or right of action, of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, arising from or by reason of any bodily injury or personal injuries, known or unknown, death or property damage resulting, or to result, from any accident which may occur or any activities in the operation of the motorcycle whether by negligence or otherwise.

  3. In no case Jupiter will be held to pay any amount exceeding the total cost of the tour.

12. Image use rights
  1. Photos and videos produced by Jupiter are the property of Jupiter, which is also the owner of the copyrights. Jupiter can use all such material for advertising and marketing purposes, including images in which participants can be recognized, without any charge from the participant. Participants who submit photos to Jupiter agree to allow the use of such photos by Jupiter for advertising and marketing purposes.

13. Competent Court
  1. For any dispute the Rome Tribunal will be the sole competent court.

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