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Our Mission

Jupiter Motorcycle Travel was established in July 2016 to offer motorcyclists worldwide the best possible organized Motorcycle Tours in Italy and Europe.

The Founder

Our Founder and President is Claudio Angeletti,

Italian, 50. Passionate about motorcyclism from childhood, he started to organize motorcycle tours in 2005 for national clubs and forums and has been working seriously among motorcycles since 2008, when he founded Vision Zero ONLUS, an association aimed at increasing the road safety of pedestrians, cyclists and riders in Italy.

In 2010 he wrote a book, "L'Arte della Sicurezza in Moto (“The Art of Motorcycle Safety”), that was available for free on the web and in one year was downloaded by over 30.000 Italian riders. In 2011 an improved edition of that book,

Il Manuale della Sicurezza in Moto, was printed by the italian publisher Giorgio Nada, sold over 4.500 copies and it’s still on sale, even on Amazon.

In 2012 he founded a motorcycle safe riding school, 

Safe Riders, which so far coached over 500 Motorcyclists to ride their bikes more safely.

His nickname on the forums is Wotan, but no surprise if most people call him Dr. Safety!

The Staff

Our Staff is composed exclusively by motorcycle enthusiasts. In particular, all our tour leaders:

  • are qualified safe riding instructors

  • are experimented motorcycle travellers and tour leaders

  • know very well the local roads

  • speak English and at least the language of one of the countries visited during each tour

so that they can manage any issue related to motorcycles, riders, routes, local language, laws, and practices.

That’s why travelling with us does not mean simply hiring someone that will find hotels and show you the way. You will receive top-notch, professional service to help you create an experience that will last in your memory – and in your heart – forever.

Claudio "Dr. Safety" Angeletti
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